Bas Hendrikx
10.06. — 20.06.
Cluj, Bucharest

Bas Hendrikx is a Dutch curator. He has curated exhibitions for amongst others De Appel arts centre (Amsterdam, NL), CIAP Kunstverein (Hasselt, BE), museum De Domijnen (Sittard, NL), and Skulptur Bredelar (Bredelar, DE). His publication Authenticity? Observations and Artistic Strategies in the Post-Digital Age was published in 2017. He has commissioned online works of art for,, and Bas is currently curating a series of exhibitions for Garage (Rotterdam, NL), and he is the founder of Kunsthalle Amsterdam.

Bas' aims for his Arc residency are to research Romanian artists working with digital art, queer art, and artists whose work deals with collecting and collections.