ARC Bucharest is a residency program designed for curators working and living outside Romania to explore the effervescent art scene in Bucharest.

ARC Bucharest aims to spark new opportunities and exciting exchanges both for artists based in Bucharest (and beyond in Romania) and arts professionals from the wider art world while forging durable personal and institutional relationships on the long run.

Even if many of the artists living and working in Bucharest exhibit internationally, the multilayered and complex visual art scene is still under the radar. Insider in the labyrinthine Bucharest art scene, ARC will act as guide for curators willing to discover or to deepen their knowledge on local artistic practices.

ARC Bucharest offers short-term and intensive residencies, typically spanning from 5 to 14 days, aimed at both freelance and institutionally affiliated curators. Reflecting the local art context’s multifaceted nature, we welcome applications from a wide spectrum of curatorial practices, research interests and professional backgrounds.

While the residency is based in Bucharest and focused on the city’s artistic context, ARC also aims to create connections also to other cities across Romania which foster strong artistic communities, like Iași, Cluj and Timișoara.

ARC Bucharest residencies are fully funded, covering travel and accommodation expenses, a fee for a public event such as presentation or workshop and additional expenses for trips to other cities in Romania.

ARC Bucharest's 2018 program is co-financed by The Administration of The National Cultural Fund (ANCF).

The project does not necessarily represent the view of The Administration of The National Cultural Fund. ANCF is not responsible for the content of the project or the means through which the project results might be used. This falls entirely in the grant beneficiary’s responsibility.
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Solitude Project

Radu Leşevschi
(initiator & coordinator)
Dragoş Olea