Next open call to be announced in 2019.


We are looking for curators who:
- are working and living outside Romania;
- are developing a consistent curatorial practice;
- manifest a genuine interest in the local art scene
(a practical motivation for the residency – e.g. research for a confirmed future project – will be taken into account);
- are interested in engaging with the local audience through a public event (e.g. presentation or workshop);

We offer:
- a residency based on a combination of structured and free time, tailored to each curator’s interests;
- accommodation for the whole duration of the residency (typically up to 14 days)*;
- round-trip airfare to Bucharest;
- opportunity to host a public event (such as presentation or workshop) with one of our partner organizations;
A net fee of €300 will be granted for hosting such an event, also to be used as per diem;
- accommodation & travel expenses to other cities in Romania which have a strong art community
(e.g. Cluj, Iași, Timișoara)**.

*as the accommodation is not set in a single location, the arrangements will be made on an individual basis.
** depending on each resident's availability and research interests, as the focus of the residency is Bucharest.