Nicolas de Ribou
03.11. — 10.11.2017
Timişoara, Bucharest


Nicolas de Ribou develops independent curatorial projects since 2009, and has worked as production manager at Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains (France), collection manager at Family Servais Collection (Belgium), and artistic director of Poppositions, the alternative art encounter in Brussels (Belgium). In 2017, he was appointed guest curator at La Box, École nationale supérieure d'art de Bourges (France), curator in residency in the frame of a nomadic project between Kunsthalle Mulhouse, La Malterie Lille, Artistes en Résidence Clermont-Ferrand and Voyons voir Aix en Provence (France), and guest curator at JosedelaFuente Gallery in Santander (Spain).

In Timisoara and Bucharest, he will follow a research that aims at studying how visual artists involve their own practice working politically on the notion of memory in regards with the purpose, the fonction, the presence, the reassignment, the replacement and the reinvention of memorials and more widely monuments erected in the context of dictatorial regimes, authoritarian rules, colonial and slavery apparatus.